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Turn scrap and junk into a musical instrument that can be played through an amp! Learn the fundamentals of electric wiring and create a playable instrument out of salvaged parts in this playful and creative workshop.

Under professional supervision, this workshop will provide you with a wide range of tools and salvaged parts to be used in the creation of an electric instrument, you will also wire yourself a safe and perfectly functional jack lead to use with your instrument.

You are welcome to bring your own parts into the workshop which you would like to transform into a playable object (if you have an object in mind, please let your host know in advance and we can think through how we may be able to work with it).

The instruments will always respond to percussive applications, but there can be options to install strings to the instrument (however, this workshop will not be able to support individuals in fretting the instrument to be played like a guitar). Despite this, individuals have the option to bring a harmonic instrument, such as an old acoustic guitar, and convert it into an amplifiable instrument with further modifications).

This workshop is about a playful and creative introduction to creating instruments out of scrap, so the outcomes of this workshop will not satisfy individuals looking for sensibly functional and quality musical instruments.

The sound quality produced will be of a low fidelity due to the low-budget component used for electrifying the instrument (a Piezo transducer). However, individuals are welcome to bring better quality Piezo transducers if they wish, and your hosts will be able to support the construction of instruments.

Age restrictions: 16+

Adult (General admission) £18
Child (Under 14 years) £14
Student £14



(Saturday) 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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